WordPress on a Stick for Meeting Notes

Recently Lifehacker.com had an article about how someone figured out how to put a complete WordPress installation on a USB stick.

Some would ask what this could possible be used for. Some answers where if you wanted to work on your WordPress blog or theme for your blog offline that this would be a good idea.

I thought the whole concept was interesting but did not give it any thought – until yesterday.

See in my new position, I attend meetings, a lot of meetings. Some days I am in meetings all day – even through lunch.

At these meetings everyone brings their laptops instead of paper and pen to take notes. I would take notes via Microsoft Word and then save the file as the date and the meeting title. While this was somewhat organized finding the information in all of these Word files was a pain. To try and ease that I tried the desktop search engines from MSN and Google but both of them slowed my computer down a lot.

While in a meeting, I noticed a guy in my department had some program that he uses to keep track of his notes. I thought that was a good idea and vowed to check the software out when it dawned on me – WordPress on a stick.

Think about it – when you do a post it automatically time stamps it for you. You can setup different categories for different types of meetings or subjects and meeting notes can have one or all of those categories. Also, WordPress has it’s own search engine that searches the content of the posts so you can find all meeting notes with a certain word or phrase in it.

Finally (one of the best parts), WordPress is run with MySQL and has a standard plug-in for backing up your database. It can even e-mail the database to you (although I have not figure out how to setup e-mailing is the webserver on a stick yet).

I am not putting mine on a USB stick but just running it from a folder in on my laptop.

Since I am really familiar with WordPress already this solutions is great.

Here is the link to how to set it up in case you missed it – http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/usb/

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