Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plug-in

I have added a new plug-in the web site which I think is really cool.

Now you are able to subscribe to comments on posts. I had seen this on a few other sites and really like it.

Basically, you enter the usual comment info – Name, Email, URL, and comment but now you can check a box at the bottom which will send you updates when another comment is added to the post.

Also you may have noticed that a little while ago that those little buttons appeared at the top of the comment box so that you can add HTML tags quickly to your comment. With both of those options it should make it a breeze to post and follow up with comments.

The Subscribe to Comments Plug-in can be downloaded at Tempus Gugit and is the work of Mark Jaquith and Jennifer (ScriptyGoddess).

The Comment Quicktags Plug-in can be downloaded from Red Alt and is the work of Owen Winkler.

The only issue that I am having with it is that the check box is not on the same line as the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” in Firefox. This is not a plug-in issue but a theme CSS issue that I have not been able to nail down.

Anyway, enjoy and if any of you know a quick fix to get that check box lined up I would appreciate it.

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