Writing Two Posts a Day on the idano Blog Network – Easier Said then Done

The picture says it all.

Car_in_Ditch Two weeks ago Today I proclaimed that I would be doing 2 posts a day around the network. I started out with a bang and kept it going for 4 days. The 5th day I did a single post. From there I went AWOL in regard to posting. In my defense I did do things around the network. I updated some sites, created a new one, and did some general maintenance.

It is work though, I will not lie. Doing regular posts is what got me the traffic and page rank which attracted the advertiser but then I didn’t do anything on the sites for 9 months. Traffic is down a little, Page Rank is down a lot (this site went from PR 6 to 3 🙁 ) and I want to try to double the ad revenue that I am making now.

My hope is that by the holiday season that I am back on top again so I can cash in even more then I did last year.

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