Writely Starts Accepting User Registrations

Writely has finally begun to accept new user registration.

They had stopped accepting registrations shortly after being acquired by Google.

As soon as I heard I signed up because I had heard that you could post to blogs from Writely so I want to try it out.

This post is being done via Writely.

  • So here is the famous bullet test
    • With a sub-bullet that DOES work properly
  • Ye-Ha – shift tab brings you back out – nice

Enter > enter brings you out the list. Why can’t any of the desktop editor do that (I don’t even think that Microsoft’s Live Writer can do that).

I looked but could not find a block quote but then do have indent.

I tried inserting an image but Writely does not have an auto thumbnail feature So I scrapped it. Also missing is the ability to ad the “more” tag for WordPress.

While it is cool that you can post to a blog from Writely it is a word processor program so is better at doing docs instead of posts.

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