WordPress, Zoundry, and Lightbox 2 – Imaging Bliss

Update 06.01.06 – As cool as this plug-in looks I had to disable it on this web site. The reason for this is that it is dreadfully slow and really impacted the loading of ALL of my pages. Therefore you will not be able to see the LightBox effects on the images below. – Dan

I do not usually get this excited about WordPress Plug-ins, but this one just rocks. It even inspired me to add a new category – WordPress Plug-ins.

The reason that I am excited about this is it does not require additional configuration after you install and it completely works with my blog desktop client – Zoundry.

The plug-in is called LightBox2 and you can get it over at Mentors Blog.

What it does is give you nicely formated embedded pop-ups for your thumbnail images.

Click on the image below to see how it works –


If you think that is cool, check this out. It not only gives you a nice pop-up but you can actually “link” images together.

Click one of the images below and then hover your mouse over the image, then click the next or previous button.

camaro2.jpg camaro3.jpgcamaro.jpg

As you can see you have a nice little photo gallery on your hands.

As mentioned before I am using this with Zoundry.

How you may ask?

Well, Zoundry automatically makes thumbnails of whatever you insert into your post. It then automatically links to the full sized photo and uploads both the thumbnail and the full sized photo. Finally, the Lightbox plug-in just automatically engages when you click on the thumbnail.

To do the photo gallery portion you just need to add a label surrounded by curly brackets {} in the beginning of the title tag for each of the pictures* links. For the above gallery I used {camaro}. You add the brackets in Zoundry to the image title by right clicking the image and selecting Picture Properties* Edit Link Location. That simple.

So as you can see, this is my new toy. Expect far more images on this site from here on.

(P.S. Those are some hot pictures of the 2006 Camaro Concept huh?
Thank Flickr for the photos.)

* I had tried adding the brackets {} to the image and it did not work, it needs to be done to the link title.

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