WordPress Releases Blogging Client for the iPhone

Hot off the press – WordPress has released their blogging client for the iPhone. In fact I am typing this post on my iPhone right now.

I have been waiting for this since the iPhone 2.0 firmware release when Typepad released their blogging client. I downloaded it but never used it since I don’t have a Typad blog.

So far this seems to be working great. The add photo section works cool although it adds the photo to the bottom of the post. Preview is awesome since you get to see you post formated in your blogs theme.

I think with this app I am going to be blogging a whole lot more 🙂 .

P.S. I originally uploaded images from my iPhone to this post but it was not working. That was an issue with this blog not the app. Also, I have noticed with this post that this template is not very WordPress Gallery friendly – I realize that – i am looking for a new theme as we speak as I cannot stand this one anyway.