WordPress Desktop Client Search – Qumana Beta 3 Review

Well the nice folks over at Qumana read my original post – WordPress Desktop Client Search and then informed me that they have a new version 3 beta that was just released. So in the spirit of good sportsmanship I decided to check it it out and give them a review of their own.

If you remember my original post noted this about Qumana version 2 –

    • Cost – Free
    • Uploads worked after a little research to find out which folder to list
    • Spell check worked well
    • Bulleted lists were terrible – When you click the button to add a list the entire post became a bullet and then you would press enter and it would not add another. I could not find a work around for that at all.

As you will notice the 4th bullet noted how bullets were not working properly. Well the comment that was received from Arieanna at Qumana was this –

Apologies for your bad Qumana experience. We try to be 100% seamless, especially in the area of images. Usually the folder is auto-detected. My thinking is perhaps you tried the 2.0 version, not the new beta? Lists are fab in the new beta too.

Anyway, maybe we’ll win you back some day :)

To give credit to Qumana I think it may have been a “user error” on the part of the upload path. I was confronted with the same sort of configuration setup on a few other Desktop Clients and was able to figure it out more easily because of Qumana .

But in regards to the bullets – they are not fixed . It did the exact same thing that the version 2 did which was put the entire post as the first bullet and then would not let you out.

Now there may be a simple explanation for this. After I had uninstalled version 2 and opened up version 3, I noticed that all my blog settings where still there (there wasn’t an option to remove them when uninstalling).

So it seems that either –

  1. It did not uninstall itself completely and the settings causing the bug are still there
  2. They thought they fixed the bug but it wasn’t fixed after all

So unfortunately my rating still remains a with a added.

Putting the bullet issue aside, there are a few features that I have grown to like that Qumana does not have. These are –

  • The ability to post Technorati Tags with your post

  • The ability to post as a draft

  • The ability to have a template to view your post before you post

Zoundry, BlogJet, and a few other Desktop Clients have these abilities.

So to wrap it up Qumana still has some work to do to catch up to Zoundry and BlogJet.

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