Web Site Statistics for June 2006

You love me, you really love me!

No really, you do. Well actually you love WordPress and Godaddy, at least that is what my AWStats is telling me.

In the month of may “WordPress Godaddy” was the most popular search phrase that lead you to either the How to setup WordPress MySQL and Permalinks info on Godaddy Hosting or the WordPress, Godaddy, and Permalinks posts here on the idano.net web site.

All-in-all y’all (my God, I am a Texan now) searched Google and came up with something here on idano 264 times. There were a total of 1415 visits of which 714 were unique visitors (100 more unique visits then last month).

The difference between last month and this month was that last month I went out there to tell people about this site. This month I did not do that. The majority of traffics came from others referring her. Thanks!

Well keep checking back as I plan on address more on WordPress Performance, WordPress Plug-ins, and Blog Desktop Editors.

P.S. It is possible that the above numbers may be different then my post last month – Web Site Statistics for April 2006. The Reason for this is that I was looking at Google Analytics data last month but I have since dropped them due to performance issues.

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