Web Site Statistics for April 2006

The idano.net web site went “official” with my initial post on March 24th. I got a whole 50 unique visits that month.

Well in the month of April things were a whole lot different.

According to AWStats on my web server the idano.net web site received 606 unique visitors and 1122 total visits. Pretty cool!

Well how did we get so many visits here?

I believe that it was due to 2 things.

The first was interesting content – my most popular post was WordPress Desktop Client Search.

The second was that I got the word out. Not only did I post on WordPress desktop clients, I added relevant tags to Technorati, then, I read other people’s similar posts and commented of their sites. I believe that if you want visits to your site you need to visit other people’s sites (and comment too).

I wanted to thank all of you who have stopped by, read, and commented. Hopefully the information that you have read here as been useful to you.

More good stuff to come in May!

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