UrbanFonts – Get Your Font On

As a designer I am always looking for good resources that will make my life easier. It is even better when these resources are free.

Urbanfonts is a site that offers fonts for free. While this is nothing new UrbanFonts has a couple of things that I feel set it apart from the rest. Most free fonts sites have plenty of fonts but finding a particular style is often difficult because they just list the fonts that they have. UrbanFonts recognized that and did something a little different.

The first thing is that they have an alphabetized list – not of fonts – but categories of fonts like 3D, Dirty, Funky, Rounded, and Sophisticated. This really helps to narrow down you search if you have an idea of the type of font that you are looking for.

The second is that they have a “search cloud” of all the top searches done on the site. This helps as you can see what other have been searching for so that you can glean a little “free inspiration”. Click on on of the searches actually lets you see examples of the fonts so you search is even quicker.

Finally, Urban fonts gives you a a complete layout of each font that they offer. You get to see exactly which letter and symbols are included. There is nothing more frustrating then thinking that you have downloaded the perfect font only to find out that a critical character or symbol that you needed in missing. UrbanFonts feels your pain and fills the void šŸ˜‰ .

As you can see UrbanFonts is a great resource for all of you font needs. I you are even remotely into design I suggest you check them out.

P.S. This is a sponsored post for UrbanFonts via Review Me. Even though it is sponsored all the opinions above are mine and not altered with the fact that I am being compensated.

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