Trailfire – Have Your Say on Any Web Page

trailfire_logo.jpgAnother cool concept in the Social Web has come out from a company named .

What Trailfire does is gives you a Firefox plug in that allows you to place your comments on any web site. With the plug in installed you are also able to view other people’s comments as well.

An interesting twist to Trailfire is that you can designate “Trails” that allow you to link your comments to the same trail and then navigate through them. This can come in handy when collaborating on a certain subject. A person could create a trail that could lead them to other related resources.

I created a trail named “Dan at Work” in which I commented on the couple of web sites that I visit while warming up to work in the morning. Adding comments was simple and easy to link to other comments that I had made.

The only issue that I found is the the icons that Trailfire overlays on a web site that has comments posted are kind of small and can easily be missed if you do not have the plug in side bar open. I think that it would helpful to have some other sort of alert available when you visit a web site that has a Trailfire comment posted.

Other then that I think that it is a very interesting concept and can become more useful as more people start using it.

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