This is My Blog – Not Yours

This is my Blog – Not Yours – or something like that. That remark isn’t to anyone in particular except maybe WordPress. As you may know WordPress took over my blog in this post – Getting into my Niche – Blogging with WordPress.

As cool as that sounded after about a week it has turned out to be really boring. It’s not boring because WordPress is boring, it is boring because their just really isn’t that much going on with it to have a blog dedicated to it.

With that said this blog is going to be transformed into what I originally wanted it to be about – whatever. It will be be about whatever I feel like talking about that day. It most likely will include WordPress but that is not the focus.

I started to do this over at one of my blogs and had written the post – Blogging About Nothing Can Be More Fun Then Blogging About Something. In that post I mentioned how nice it was not be put into a box and talk about what I want to talk about. While I could do that on my blog it was kind of a step back to go from a self hosted WordPress blog to one at You just do not have the ability to customize things the way you want over there. That was OK – but I want more.

So anyway, I may import my few posts that I did over at – or I may not. After all – this is my blog – not your 🙂 .

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