The Worst Review that I Have Ever Read

I have just read the worst review that I have ever come across.

The review was of a guy that was trying to install a “near” beta 2 of Windows Vista (you can read the review here). The reason why this was bad was because the guy is obviously an idiot. The first things was that he was trying to install the OS on a laptop which anyone knows is 10 times hard (driver wise) then on a desktop.

The second reason was that he tried to do an upgrade instead of a clean install. Everyone knows that Windows in general sucks at upgrades and that the only way to get a a nice new Windows OS working properly is a clean install (I learned this when the beloved Windows 2000 came out, It died 6 hours into the install).

Third was this comment –

I tried again on the ThinkPad as a clean install, which meant wiping out everything on the hard drive and starting from scratch. That took about an hour to complete. It also removed every device driver that I needed to run the laptop.

Idiot – what the hell do think a clean install is?

Fourth, he complained that he had to download the driver “but not everything was Vista ready”. Dude, name me one company that has a machine that is “Vista ready”. The damn OS is not even out yet.

Fifth, quote “the built-in audio and wireless connectivity devices don’t work” dude – device driver? ¿Comprende?

Sixth –

I did try installing Vista on two other laptops. One, it turns out, needs a new Real Time Clock battery (a trip to the manufacturer is needed) and another which had a massive hard drive failure at the beginning of the installation process.

How is it that Vista sucks because you have crappy hardware?

Seventh –

After a weekend of frustration – more than 30 hours of my time – and some help from Microsoft – I have Vista almost Beta 2 running (somewhat) on a laptop.

If you were not an idiot and did it the right way, it would have taken about an hour like any other install.

That was the actual review. What made me more made is the way that Gizmodo referenced the review – Windows Vista Beta 2 Sucks. It sucks? Yeah it sucks if you are an idiot and have no idea what you are doing.

If you find yourself in that boat let me recommend this line from one of my favorite jokes –

Tech – Sir, do still have the box for the computer?

Customer – Yes.

Tech – Good, pack up the computer and take it back to the store.

Customer – What should I tell them the reason is for returning it?

Tech – Tell them that you are too stupid to own a computer.

Footnote – I am not usually this opinionated on things but I am like most people in regards to stupidity – it just pisses my off.

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