The More I Use OS X, The More I Hate Vista

index_ataglance20061108.jpgGod, I think I am becoming a fanboy. But it is true, I prefer OS X over Windows Vista ssssssoooooo much. Why? Because it work without all the little stupid stuff that windows does.

Here are a couple of the big things that I have noticed:

First, on my windows box with my fresh install of Vista Business Premium it still takes a long time for windows to boot up. Also, while booting the screen will black out several times while it transitions from one screen to another. My MacBook boots up in a fraction of the time and has nice fading affects between screens.

Second, OS X is just smart when I am not. I was working on a file in Photoshop the other day. Not thinking about it I noticed that I had misspelled the name on the file while browsing the folder in Finder. I clicked on the file and renamed it. Then I realized that I wanted the file in a different folder. I clicked and dragged it to the new folder.

I then went back to Photoshop and realized that the file was open! No way in the world you could do that in windows. I hit the save button just to see what would happen and the file saved under it’s new name. I then went to the old folder to see if the file had been saved there. Nope, the file was saved to the place that I had moved it.

Is that smart or what?

I am becoming sold on OS X more and more each day that I use it.

Another item that I really like about OS X and my MacBook is how well it comes out of hibernation. All I do is close the screen of my MacBook when I am down and open it when I want to use it. When I open it the desktop is there – instantly. This is so much different then my other company issued laptop which happens to be an IBM (to be fair the IBM is the best windows laptop I have ever had).

Anyway, I try to do the same thing with my IBM and at least 50% of the time I have to hold down the power key to hard reboot it because it hangs which trying to wake up from hibernation. This morning 1 reboot wasn’t enough, I had to reboot twice.

Each reboot took 5 minutes each equaling 10 minutes. During that time I checked my corporate and personal email and checked out a couple stories on digg – all while waiting for my PC to boot.

If I didn’t need my PC laptop for cross-browser developement I would dump it all together. I am looking forward to replacing Vista at home with OS X.