– Page Rank 4

In an amazing turn of events web site has a page rank of 4 all of a sudden. The reason why this is amazing is that it has had a page rank of 0 since a few days ago and the site only about 4 months old (no more then 6 months).

In a quick query to Google to see the pages indexed, Google shows about 60 pages all indexed with the correct permalink structure that I setup about 2 months ago –


While it is cool to have this page rank it is also in a sense sad.

Why is it sad? It is sad because I just changed my permalink structure again to be more “optimal” for Google rankings. I have changed it to –


What this does is gets rid of the category name and adds a .htm extension to the post name. I have also added the post id between the postname and the .htm extension so that I do not need to be concerned with having posts with the same title (I shouldn’t anyway but accidents happen).

The theory as to why this structure is even better is that Google assumes that anything within the root of a site is more important then something in a folder which is one level down.


would be more important to the web site then

so Google would figure that it is more important also.

Anyway, because of the structure change I an running the risk of Google stripping my rank and possibly even going to the sand box (I have been there with another site and trust me, you do not want to go).

It is possible that the opposite could happen though. Maybe they will see all the new “pages” and think that it is new content and bump my rank even more. We will see.

I will post updates as things change.

Oh and just a note – I would like to give credit where credit is due. I actually came across how to set this up over at Burcu Jane’s web site – Thanks Burcu!

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