The Easy Way to Integrate WordPress and bbPress

I had tried messing around with bbPress way back when and it wasn’t the easiest animal to tame. Recently though bbPress has graduated to version 1.0 and is much easier to tame. Especially usefully is it’s built-in integration with WordPress.

I have to admit that my first attempt at getting bbPress and WordPress playing together did not go well. I was trying to get cookie integration working and it wouldn’t. I tried 3 different sets of instructions and the third set work. Here is a link to those instructions.

Integrate bbPress 1.0 with WordPress 2.8

Once I completed his simple steps cookies were working and I could login in either WordPress or bbPress and be logged into the other one. It is really nice to have two pieces of software that work so well together.

Next I am learning the templating for bbPress. I here it is not too different then the one for WordPress. Let’s hope it is as easy!