The Browser War Takes a New Turn – IE vs Firefox

Well within the last week both Microsoft and Mozilla has launched the latest versions of their browsers – Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0.

The differences that I have noticed in both of the new browsers is minimal. Internet Explorer now offers tabbed browsing, some CSS fixes, and some anti-phishing tools. Firefox new offerings are spell check(cool), some RSS upgrades, and it’s own version of anti-phishing tools.

I am using Firefox 2.0 while writing this and Firefox is still my browser of choice. I especially like the inline spell check feature.

The only version of IE 7 that I have tired was the one that was bundled with the Vista Beta 2 release. I have to say that I saw a significate difference in the speed of IE in Vista compared with that of IE 6 in XP. I have not switch to IE 7 at work yet as we still need to develop for 6 and Microsoft does not allow you to run both at the same time (lame).

Anyway, both where big releases with minimal features.

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