Text Links Ads – Cleaning Up The Code for Prime Time

wrench_1.jpgI just got done doing a round of maintenance on the various blogs that I have. The main reason for the work was that I had been approved to sell links on those blogs through Text Link Ads.

The real work in adding the link code was cleaning up the code that renders from the Text Link Ads plugin for links in my sidebars. Their plugin would add it’s own <ul> tag that would break my other lists in the my sideba. Also, the had inline styles that were ugly that did not go with the CSS that I already had on my site.

With a little bit of elbow grease I was able to get nice clean lists so that Google and and the other search engines can get right to my content.

As a note – If you have a blog or website that gets alright traffic and has a Pagerank 4 or better you should check Text Link ads out. I have been selling links through them since the beginning of the year and have gone from making $65 my first month to making over $500 this month. I never thought that I could make money like that but I am and it is great.

Anyway give them a lookup and see if you can score some cash too – Text Link Ads.

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