Testing WordPress 2.1 Alpha – Me Likey!

Well I have been testing the alpha version of WordPress 2.1 for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that I really like it.

Notably, it is exactly like the wordpress.com version which includes spell check. The other thing that it includes which I really like is that you can now select a standard page to be the “home page” of your blog and have your “blog” on another page.

This is a really significant step for WordPress in my mind because they have just take the step from just being a blog software to now being a full blown CMS. I have been using WordPress as a CMS for quite some time but only after uploading an array of plug-ins and some theme tweaks. It will be even simpler once 2.1 comes out though as all that functionality is already built in.

The WordPress 2.1 Alpha can be downloaded for free at wordpress.org/download/nightly/. You will have to download the SVN client to do so but it is worth it.

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