Test Post From Flock Blog Editor

Here there. This is just a test post from the Flock blog editor.

The reason for the test is that I am looking for a blog editor to go on my MacBook. I currently use Window Live Writer on Windows but it does not work on OS X (of course).

The biggest item for me that is important in a blog editor is how it handles images. WLW does this amazingly well. Unfortunately images within Flock are a different story.

First, I could not find how to add an image until I consulted the help section. I found out that you add images through the main browser window which connects to your Flickr account. Second, once you get the image to your post you cannot resize it without distortion. Third, there are no controls (that I could find) to align the image either left or right.

While it seems like Flock is cool by adding the function to blog it just does not seem very usable.

Final Note: While manually editing the above picture to float to the right and have some space on the left side I noticed Flock added some unnecessary markup to the HTML. Some of these things included a rough span tag and several break tags within paragraph tags. With that I find it to be totally unusable.

P.S. I went back and edited this post with Windows Live Writer because the above picture just looked terrible.

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