Sometimes You Shoot Yourself in the Foot and Don’t Realize It Until Later (Affiliate Marketing)

doh I have been having a phenomenal month with due to a couple of RC Helicopter Reviews that I did for Air Hogs Havoc Heli and Air Hogs Laser Battle. I have search engine results for both and current have over a 20% conversion rate for people who click through to Amazon.

There was another helicopter that I reviewed called the Air Hogs Reflex . My review of this helicopter was not as positive as the other two reviews. On top of that I did not place a link to the Reflex on Amazon but instead to the Havoc. I did this because at the time I thought the Havoc was better then the Reflex.

Since the review I got my hands on some other heli’s and also another Reflex. I was pleasantly surprised with the Reflex and it was much better then I remembered it was. The problem was that I never updated my review with my newly acquired experience.

Today I logged into my Google Analytics account and noticed that my Reflex review was number 3 after the other 2 heli reviews. The Reflex review was pulling in over 10% of the traffic that my site was getting but I was getting zero sales from it 🙁 . I had been sitting on my more positive view of the product for a couple of months and now realized that I was paying the price for it.

Needless to say I quickly updated my review and provided the appropriate links for BOTH helicopters mentioned in the review. I may have missed a chunk or change for this month but hopefully December is just as good for me.

There’s the Reflex on Amazon to the right if you want to check it out.

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