Here is another web site that I have recently put up.

The idea behind the site is that there is not one local company that comes up in the top 10 of Google search result for “Round Rock Web Design”. Luckily, the domain name was available so I registered it.

So basically this has become my latest SEO test. I wanted to see if and how long it would take me to get to at least the top 10 in Google. I purchased the domain name and designed the site on March 23rd, it was indexed by Google within 2 days. Unfortunately, even though it seems to be getting hit by Google daily it is still not listed in search results.

But that is Google.

It is already showing up in Yahoo and MSN. As of today it is # 17 for Yahoo and # 4 for MSN (they are so forgiving). MSN listed it before Yahoo and I have to say that I am surprised that Yahoo was before Google. Yahoo is usually the slowest of the three (Yahoo still has a cache of that is over a month old). I believe there are a few reasons why it got picked up so quick.

The first is that the hosting service has been around for a while and so I believe that the server gets scanned regularly. The other is that I created 3-4 inbound links the same day the site went up. The site that got scanned first was a test site for multiple WordPress installations at This site has a zero page rank but it is a link none the less.

I also posted links from here which has a page rank of 4 and from which still has a 0 page rank. I will try to add links from and which have a page rank of 2 each (it goes up and down daily it seems).

Finally I setup a and added a few posts to that about the site built has yet to be picked up. It does not seem that blogs are getting picked up at all as I have had one for “Dan Masters” for a while and it is nowhere to be found in search engine results.

Anyway, this site was created with WordPress as the back-end with a version of Fauna (like the picture but not the layout) for the theme. I am really not going to put too much effort into since it is an experiment. If I should get some inquiries from it for web jobs that would be cool.

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