Restoring iPhoto from a Time Machine Backup

I am doing my first even restore from a Time Machine backup.

The reason for the restore is that I messed up my MacBook iPhoto library trying to merge it with the one from my Mac Mini. I was using iPhoto Library Manager and instead of it following my instructions of “Do Not Duplicate” it duplicated. That caused my iPhoto library to double in size and actually completely fill up my hard drive.

To rectify the situation I copied the bloated library to an external hard drive then deleted my local copy. From there I did a restore from Time Machine to the day before this escapade started.

This situation has really got me thinking on how I can better manage my photos between the two computers. Maybe Dropbox and and Google Picasa are in order here.

Note: After a quick Google search it seems that there is a setting in the iPhoto Library Manager that if not checked WILL duplicate the photos even if you check not to in iPhoto itself. I have no idea why this is there or what use it is but it is a pain. Mine is now checked.