Quit Complaining About 3rd Party Apps on the iPhone

I am seriously get tired of all the bitching going on about how you cannot run 3rd party apps on the iPhone. People the are hacks, not solutions. As Apple attempts to improve their core product these hacks are going to het screwed up. That is just rhe way it is.

As mentioned previously my phone runs better WITHOUT the 3rd apps so I am happy. The reason for my happiness is that I am using the iPhone as it was intended to be used.

This reminds me of all those people running OS X on non-Apple hardware. The difference is that they understand that they are doing something that was never intended to be done. They see updates and are excited at the challenge of figuring out how to make it work on their machine.

They don’t cry and complain when they hit the software update button and download something that was not intended to work with their setup. They simply reinstall and wait for someone to figure out how to make the update work with their setup.

People get a clue, this is Apple, not Linix.