Plaxo Rocks for Syncing Calendars on the iPhone

ScreenCapture_001 Techcrunch had an article this morning giving props to Plaxo for its great ability to sync multiple calendars and contacts and then get them on your iPhone – all for free. This reminded me that I had setup Plaxo but had not really been using it.

I had spent some time to set all of this up a few weeks back but really have not utilized it to full potential. I think the main reason for this is that I do not doc my phone on a regular basis so I don’t get my updates. My calendar is becoming increasingly important though so I think that I am going to need to get in the habit.

BTW – I am syncing my Google Calendar along with my work calendar that runs off of Exchange. I have the Plaxo plugin setup in Outlook on my IBM laptop that pushes my work stuff to Plaxo. Plaxo then grabs my Google Calendar and pushes it down to iCal along with my work calendar. From there my iPhone gets updated with both calendars.

It takes a little bit of elbow grease and remembering to sync your phone but it does work pretty well.

Now only if we could get Bluetooth syncs then I would be in business… 

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