– Page Rank 4

In an amazing turn of events web site has a page rank of 4 all of a sudden. The reason why this is amazing is that it has had a page rank of 0 since a few days ago and the site only about 4 months old (no more then 6 months).

In a quick query to Google to see the pages indexed, Google shows about 60 pages all indexed with the correct permalink structure that I setup about 2 months ago –


While it is cool to have this page rank it is also in a sense sad.

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E-mail Spam while using WP-ContactForm

Wow this website is only about a week old and I have already started to get spam on both the comments and via my contact page.

Fortunately I was using the plug-in Akismet that comes with WordPress to catch the comment spam.

Unfortunately though, the WP-ContactForm plug-in did not have anything to try and stop spam.

After a search for “WordPress contact form spam” on Google I found Dragon Design Form Mailer which puts a little verification code that needs to be entered correctly before the email can be sent.

Hopefully this will stop the spam at the gates.

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Windows on a Mac

Well it has finally happened, You can easily run Windows XP on an Intel based Mac.

Apple has released a new software package called Boot Camp. The software has a pretty simple wizard that burns all the drivers that you need for Windows XP on a disk and then sets up a “partition” for the Windows installation. Then when you boot your machine Mac up, hold down the CTRL Mac key to get a boot menu – Windows or Mac OS. Pretty slick. I guess Apple figures that if you can’t beat em’ join em’.

This is good news for me because I have been wanting a Mac for a while but really could not justify the higher price and the need for a new computer (my dell desktop is only 1 year old). Also, all the software that I have is for Windows and purchasing all the same software for Mac does not make sense.

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Round Rock Web Design on Google

Well it only took 12 days but Round Rock Web Design is now listed on Google.

I did not find it in the first 10 pages when searching without quotes but a search with quotes brings it up at number 52 for “Round Rock Web Design”.

It has slipped to # 17 in Yahoo and is #1 at MSN with and without quotes.

When I get the time I am going to get an account at and make up some calendars and coffee mugs and then link from the product descriptions boost it’s page rank ( is page rank 9!).

The other thing I am going to do is write a few SEO specific articles on the site to build more content.

More updates to come as they happen!

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WordPress Desktop Client Search – Zoundry Review

My recent post WordPress Desktop Client Search got a few comments back in which it was suggested that I try Zoundry a new Desktop Client that is in it’s beta stage. The link that was provide was to a forum entry on the Zoundry Website which listed the features in their most recent beta release.

These were the features that were listed –

  1. Spell checking.
  2. XHTML source code editing.
  3. Support for language localization.
  4. More clean up code for Microsoft Office MS Word content (cut and paste should now work).
  5. Bug fixes.
  6. Validation tools.
  7. Find/Replace (in WYSIWYG and XHTML editor)
  8. Extended entry markers MovableType and WordPress API.

After seeing the above list I decided to download Zoundry and give it a shot.

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Here is another web site that I have recently put up.

The idea behind the site is that there is not one local company that comes up in the top 10 of Google search result for “Round Rock Web Design”. Luckily, the domain name was available so I registered it.

So basically this has become my latest SEO test. I wanted to see if and how long it would take me to get to at least the top 10 in Google. I purchased the domain name and designed the site on March 23rd, it was indexed by Google within 2 days. Unfortunately, even though it seems to be getting hit by Google daily it is still not listed in search results.

But that is Google.

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WordPress Desktop Client Search

UPDATE: I have found another desktop client that is actually the new winner. The post for that is here.

A NEWER UPDATE: I was not expecting to get responses back from the companies that I reviewed in the article below but 2 companies have already responded pointing me to their beta builds. Therefore, I am not going to declare a winner at the top of this post every time someone takes the lead but rather do an individual review of their product. So look for those individual post throughout my blog. Also, I have added a new category of “Blog Desktop Clients” where all related post will be located.

Now to the original review –

I have been searching high and low for a desktop client to manage all of the blogs that I am setting up. You may ask – “Why a desktop client when WordPress 2.0 has such a good interface?”. Well these are the reasons –

  1. There is no spell check in WordPress and there are no plug-ins that word with the Built-in Rich Text editor or my hosting.
  2. The Image upload feature while cool, does not quite work well (there are no horizontal or vertical space settings in the insert image properties)
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The history of The Masters family website dates back to this web site – idano before Elsy and I had kids. It was a place that I would post the pictures that I took. It was designed with a custom ASP application that I designed (this is before blogging really took off).

As the kids came along we started posting pictures of then so our family from around the country could see them. As time went on it was evident that we wanted a better avenue to communicate the growth of our family.

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