Outlook Webmail Sucks Compared to Gmail

Exchange WebmailMy company just ‘upgraded’ from Exchange 5.5 to 2007 which includes an upgrade to it’s webmail feature. Version 5.5 as you may guess was so 90’s so I was expecting the 2007 version to be much better.

It sucks just as bad.

The first thing is that there is no search. We live in the age of search and I cannot search for an email. The second thing is that the calendar looks just awful and is difficult to use.

See I am used to using Gmail and Google Calendar. Both of these application flow so that you can find and create items quickly. It is sad when a free item trumps one that you pay thousands of dollars for.

Oh, and before you jump on the “Google is not secure” bandwagon – stop and think for a moment – who makes Exchange? Microsoft, that’s right.

You want to rethink that statement now?

Rant over.

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