OK, So I Can’t Make Up My Mind

OK, this is the last switch – I promise – at least for this month, maybe year.

I am taking this site back to topics concerning Web Design, Blogging, and SEO. Try not to get too frustrated with me. This site never really had any definition to begin with, it just evolved and now has become a resource for people and I want to keep it that way.

With that said I am announcing my real personal blog – dan.idano.net. Yes, it is a sub domain of this one but I already have good ranking and so I want to piggy back on that (also I did not want to buy another domain name).

I was trying to have my personal blog over at danmasters.wordpress.com but wordpress.com is just so limited compared to a regular install of WordPress (also, I am a plug-in junkie).

Anyway, so this blog is back to it’s main topic and now there is peace in the world.

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