New Theme Viewer

A new official theme viewer has been launched by the WordPress gang.

I like the layout and the ability to upload themes directly (I uploaded my Beach House Theme) but the site seems a little slow (maybe because it is so new). Another thing that is new is that you can establish a user name that will enable you to update your theme in the future.

They have also added tags so you to categorize your theme such as main color, number of columns, and which side the sidebar is on. This should make it a whole lot easier to find a theme if you already kind of know what you want.

It seems that they have done some “spring cleaning” because there are a lot of themes that are no longer there. For me this was a good thing because my original Beach House theme was a mess so I got to upload a good copy.

Anyway, I really like the fact that they have created a centralized place for people to get free themes for their blogs (especial since I am always on the hunt for the latests and greatest).

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