New Definition for the Blog – A Blog Network Portal

This is not the first time that I written a post with this same basic theme. I have changed the purpose of this website more times then I can remember. Really this domain name is the one that started it all for me. It was my first personal website that I had. Over time it was gone through several different variations and purposes but I think it has finally landed on its true purpose in life – A rollup for all the the rest on my sites.

Yep, as of today the idano Blog Network is born. This website will now be the portal to all the rest of the websites and blogs that both my wife and I manage which we are now giving the title of a “Network”. The idea here is that through this website a visitor may be able to discover other sites that are apart of our network.

I will blog here about updates to and around the network and hopefully give some good advise and insite into the world of blogging that will be helpful to others. I have definitely gained some expereince in the last couple of year blogging and I am more then willing to share the knowledge I have gained.

At this time we are not accepting other sites or authors into our network but that could definately change in the future.

Look for more updates to the site and the network in the days and weeks to come!