My iPhone 1.1.1 Update Went Smooth – is Gone

I decided to take the leap and update my iPhone to the latest 1.1.1. update. I knew that it was going to kill and all of the goodies that I had down loaded with it. That wasn’t small price to pay though as I am convinced that all those gadgets were slowing my phone down. It was really starting to get frustrating.

The first thing I did after the update was to make a phone call to make sure at least the phone worked. Calling 611 had the automated teller blaring in my ear – I guess they really did improve the speaker volume. From there I decided to see what other goodies awaited me.

I noticed the new iTunes icon. I checked it out but probably won’t be buying anything from there since I usually just rip from CD’s. If did want to buy online I would probably go wit Amazon instead since there MP3 downloads are cheaper, a better bit rate, and DRM free.

The one thing I do notice is that my iPhone seems a whole lot zippier. I really do think that and its gadgets were really slowing it down. I am not sure if I will reinstall it when it is update since it is nice to have it working fast again.

Anyway, I’m updated. I will probably update my wife’s iPhone tonight.