Mindcomet Web Design Interactive Agency

mindcomet_logo.jpgI have across one of the nicest and best laid out Web Design Company web sites that I have seen in a long time – Mindcomet.

They label themselves as an which I think is very appropriate based on the presentation of their web site.

You can tell that they are very professional by the content, layout, and use of different technologies on their site. Their use of flash video on the front page is one of the best implementations that I have seen. It loads quick and is non-intrusive. A lot of design companies are in your face with this type of technology trying to show off – Mindcomet uses it in context.

The other thing that I think is outstanding is that their entire site is done in CSS – no tables baby. This is a sure sign that these guys have graduated into the new millennium of web design and layout.

The other thing that I like about their site is their sense of humor which is displayed openly on their site. On their Who We Are page their CEO is quoted saying, “If one more person calls me Doogie Howser I am going to blow a gasket”. It’s OK Doogie, I mean Ted, I am sure the comments will go away once you hit college 😉 .

They have a long list of accomplished customers such as ADT, Coca-Cola, GM, HP, and Earthlink so you know that these guys can get the job done.

If their company web site is any reflection of the type of work they do for their clients then I would have to believe that they have to be one of top “Interactive Agencies” in the country (they do have offices in New York, Atlanta, Austin, and Los Angeles).

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