McAfee VirusScan Killed My MacBook

mcafee.pngMan, it just took me over an hour to figure out why my MacBook would not get past the login screen. Part of that was trying to figure out how to boot into safe mode on OS X.

The whole reason for the stall out of my machine was the McAfee VirusScan for Mac that I installed yesterday. I had not rebooted my machine since I had installed and could not get it to go past the login screen. It would just sit there with the beach ball spinning.

I finally booted into safe mode and re-download the program to to get the unistall script.

This is the first major issue I have had with my MacBook since I got it and to be honest it kind of spooked me. I don’t consider it an Apple issue as it is clearly McAfee that doesn’t quite have it right.

I was really surprised that I had that issue as I use McAfee on my PC’s and it works great. Anyway, I am off to the Mac store now to get whatever it is that they recommend is best for my Mac.

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