Lookout for "Priority Service" on Your AT&T Wireless Bill

I was combing through my cell phone bill since I had just changed my rate plane and came across a charge that I did not recognized. The charge was for “Priority Service” to the rune of $4.50 for the month. I called up At&T to find out what it was.


The lady at AT&T that I was connected to had no idea what it was. She had to look it up in their database of features. She started reading what it was to me and basically it is a feature that gives your number priority access during times of disaster when the phone lines are usually jammed up.

I was thinking about keeping until she started reading who qualified for it. Basically it is for government agencies like Fire, Policy, City & State Governments, and the Federal Government. I do not fit into any of those and did not want to find myself in any trouble over having the service so I asked to have it canceled.

It seems that I had been charged this fee for the last 5 months. In the end I ended up with a $31.59 credit towards my account. The moral of the story is – CHECK YOUR BILL(S) – REGULARY. You never know when a company is charging you for something that you didn’t order.

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