Image Manager for WordPress 2.1+

Picture_2.pngAs you know I have been searching hign and low for a Desktop Blog Editor for Mac that works half way decent. I recently tried Ecto but was not impressed.

The biggest item that has been missing from all the Blog Editors is the ability to resize images easily within the post. So instead of looking for a desktop client that could do this I looked for an image manager for WordPress.

I found a great one.

The name is quite simple – ImageManager. ImageManger replaces the included imag upload feature that is included with WordPress. It gives you ability to upload and image which creating a thumbnail. It also allows you to resize the thumbnail and apply style to. When you are done manipulaing the image you just click OK an the code is automatically entered into you post.

The above image was added to this post with ease.

Next I am going to look to get the photo border added to my CSS file as you can add classes to the images also.

It looks as though I am back to using the online editor now.

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