I’m Leaving Mozy for Jungle Disk

I have finally come to my wits end with Mozy.

This time it was me logging into my account and seeing that my Mac Mini only had 80GB backed up as opposed to the 500GB it was supposed to. After some digging it seemed that it wasn’t backing up my external hard drive – again.

After doing a little research I figure out that it must have been when I change the hard drive cable from USB to Firewire. It was the same enclosure and same hard drive but just a different cable. Lame.

I tried to reconfigure Mozy so that it would now backup my hard drive but it got stuck. I fired up the Activity Monitor and killed it and tried to reopen it – fail. I restarted 3 times over the last 3 days and it refused to restart.

I uninstalled Mozy.

From there I fired up Jungle Disk and it saw my external drive – like always. It wasn’t afraid of a simple cable change. I told it to start backing up and it did, no questions asked.

So why didn’t I just use Jungle Disk from the begining? Well I did but it gets pricey especially since you have to pay for the actual storage space you use and for the transfer of the data as well. Amazon is cheap for the most part but 500GB is about 3 times the amount then what I was paying with Mozy.

I guess you get what you pay for.

The other big difference between the two is recovering your files. I am fortunate that I have never had to recover an entire hard drive from either service. I have read though that recovering files from Mozy is a pain. I have downloaded around 10GB from Jungle Disk and it was a breeze.

In the end I may pay a little more but Jungle Disk with Amazon is much more reliable then Mozy.