disappears from Google

I am not going to freak out too much about this but has disappeared from Google – kind of.

I have been checking which pages are indexed ( on a regular basis lately because this site has an all new structure and layout. As of yesterday Google’s cache had my Zoundry review at the top of the home page with my old theme so it was still a little behind.

Also I was #1 in Google for “WordPress desktop” yesterday.

Well when I checked today which pages Google had it only had the pages from when this was my family web site come up. This possibly (fingers crossed) could be a good sign. It could mean that Google has realized that it is really behind and has hiccuped (I have seen this before in the past).

I am honestly not too concerned about getting sand boxed because I am not doing anything hokey here – I have learned that lesson (another post will come in the future explaining). It does make you wonder what is going on though (Google can be so mysterious).

Finally, one reason that it may have happened is that I have been getting a lot of inbound links because I have been doing a lot of commenting on other people’s sites. I often check the tags for things that I blog about and comment if appropriate. With any post it asks for your web site and I always enter

Google may think that I am spamming in some way but if that were the case then I think all of my pages would be gone.

Anyway, we will see how long it will take to come back up (hopefully with better rank! )

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