I Think Google Chrome Killed My WordPress Blog

I have been using Google Chrome on my MacBook for the last few months and have been happy with it – up until about a week ago. About a week ago it seemed that it started to run slower especially when I was in the admin section of a WordPress site (which is all the time). Specifically I would click on the publish or update button and it would seem that the site would get stuck. After a while I would click the refresh button to get it unstuck and lose my work I was trying to save.

Yesterday I was doing some work on my theabundantlife.net blog. I updated some posts and then did a new post. After the new post I did not do anything on the blog. I was having the same issues on that site as I had been having on the other WordPress sites.

This morning I went to the same blog to do another post and there was no content on my home page and no page links on it! I quickly logged in and found that I had zero posts and zero pages. I freaked!

My first thought was that I had been hacked but I had the latest version of WordPress.

I quickly went to my email and searched for a recent backup of the site (I back it up daily and send it to myself via email). Luckily their was a backup from yesterday. I restored the site to yesterday’s version which did not have the latest post that I had done.

I then did a search to see if this was a new venerability and soon found out that there wasn’t. What I did find out is that the disappearing posts and pages happens from time to time when a section of the database gets corrupted. The solution is to do a repair on the db to fix it. I had already done a restore so a repair was not needed in my case.

The reason why I think it was Google Chrome that killed my WordPress db are the times that it seemed to get stuck. Chrome must have been getting stuck in the middle of writing to the db and when I refreshed the browser it killed it somehow. It’s weird but that’s what I think happened.

Needless to say I am back using Firefox again and am actually happy with it. It seems much faster and more stable then Chrome was. Oh well, I’ll use Firefox until it gets slow again and then maybe I will go back to Safari 😉 .