I Dumped My Dell with Vista for a Mac Mini

It is official. I have replaced my Dell Dimension that is sporting the latest and greatest OS from Microsoft (Vista) for a Mac.

As you may know I have been using a MacBook at work for the last 2 months and have really liked it. I was messing around with installing OS X on my Dell “to Test” and decided that instead of messing around with something that is not supposed to work that I should just buy a Mac.

So 2 weeks ago I bought a 1.83Ghz Mac Mini with a Gig of RAM.

I was a little concerned at first that the Mac Mini would not be able to completely replace the Dell in the area of video editing. This concern quickly melted away as I edited and burned a 1 1/2 hour video of my kids for my mom without a hitch. I can only imagine the hoops that I would of had to jump through to get Vista to do the same thing.

I would have to say that the nicest part of having a Mac for the last 2 weeks is my time has been spent discovering the various programs that are included with the Mini instead of trouble shooting issues with Vista.

It is so weird that only a year ago I vowed never to buy a Mac because they were overpriced. Now that I have used one I realize that you get what you pay for. It is the same reason that I drive a Japanese car instead of one from a U.S. automaker.

I already have the plan to pass this Mac down to my kids so I can score an iMac 😉 . 

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