How to setup WordPress MySQL and Permalinks info on Godaddy Hosting

I am posting a followup to yesterday’s post – WordPress, Godaddy, and Permalinks in which I spoke of what you need to enable permalinks on Godaddy hosting.

From that post I got an email asking about how to setup the wp-config.php file with the correct MySQL info.

Here are my notes about how to get it setup –

  • Login into your hosting account
  • Setup a MySQL database giving it the username and password it requests – Note your Username and password
  • Once it is created click on the “User Name” that you just created
  • Under Database Name is the ‘Host Name” – Note the Host Name
  • Enter the appropriate info in your wp-config.php file
    • DB_NAME = your Username (DB name and Username are the same)
    • DB_USER = your Username
    • DB_PASSWORD = your Password
    • DB_HOST = the Host Name

That’s it. Save the wp-config.php file, upload it and open your site.

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