How to fix the black bar on the side of a Phillips Plasma TV

phillipsplasma.jpgWe recently got a new Phillips Flat Panel Plasma TV.

We got it for a great price as an open box from Circuit City. I hooked it up with the composite connectors for the best quality (see this article on what that means). Then Time Warner came out and installed a high definition DVR which I connected via a HDMI cable.

backbar.jpgWell after getting everything connected I noticed a black bar on the right hand side on both the DVD and the Cable. It was not there when I opened the menu section though (the menu takes up the whole screen). I went through the menu section and could not find anything that would seem to correct this.

Later that day I went to the local grocery store and noticed that they had 2 Dell 42″ Plasmas next to each other and each one had the back bar too. Seeing this I was convinced that it had to be a setting and not a problem with the TV.

So after a little research I found the solution.

DSC01616.JPGOn the remote are the up/down/right/left buttons. Push the appropriate button for the direction that you need the screen to go. In my case it was to the right side. The screen moved over and now looks great. You will need to do it for each video input that has the bar.

P.S. It is possible that this is outlined in the manual or is common knowledge, but I am new to all of this and could not find the solution easily – thus the reason for my post.

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