How to Embed Articles & Ideabooks in Self-Hosted WordPress Posts & Pages

Whew! That is a long title. I felt that I needed to get all those words in there because this issue put me in a pickle this morning.

So how do you embed Articles and Ideabooks from in you self-hosted WordPress site? Unfortunately WordPress does not allow you to do this without a plugin (if you are on a blog they have added support). The plugin that I used on my site is EmbedIt Pro by SuperThemes.

The EmbedIt Pro plugin allows you to enter the embed text separately in a custom post type and then creates a short code to use in your post or page. The cool thing about using this plugin for this is that you can use the same embed code on multiple posts and/or pages or on your sidebar.

Here are a couple of examples of this plugin. The first is the article that sent me on my quest. It is about Stair Runners.

This is my “Back Yard Ideas” IdeaBook.

So there you have it. An easy way to embed embeds or any other JavaScript/CSS/HTML that you may want on 1 or many WordPress post or pages.