Google Analytics Missing Data – Benchmarking Tells All

It seems that Google Analytics has been having some hiccups in their data collection and process right around the end of April and beginning of May. They are currently processing the back data which is nice but it seems that e-commerce metrics from that time period may be lost. Users of Google Analytics have been pretty understanding and that is understandably so – I mean the service is free – but on the flip side loosing the e-commerce metrics were probably the worst metrics to have go missing.

Today I logged into my GA account and happened to click on Benchmarking and google-missing-datanoticed a dip in the graphs. At first I thought that it was my traffic that had dipped but upon closer examination it was Google’s Benchmark that dipped. While this isn’t the end of the world in regards to using their service it does bring a case and point as to “You get what you pay for”. When there is no money on the table you really do not have a voice to complain with.

Free is great, if… your livelihood doesn’t depend on it.

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