Good Resource for Starting a Web Hosting Company

I have a reseller account that I use for the couple of customers that I have design sites for over the years. It makes me enough money to buy some toys throughout the year and I also get to host as many of my personal sites as I want for free.

I have be tempted to to open my account up so that other could sign up but not have been sure on what it takes to get it going. Today while browsing around I found Reseller Hosting Guide which is a site that is dedicated to helping you start a web hosting company.

Reseller Hosting Guide looks at starting a hosting company from several different angles such as Choosing a Reseller Host, Setting Up Your Reseller Account, and Getting Clients to Sign Up. I even saw a post about getting health insurance while running your hosting company.

I am going to go completely through the site before deciding if opening up my account for the public to start signing up. If you have the time to invest it looks as though it would be a good marketing to get into.

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