Fixing FeedWordPress PermaLinks to the Original Website

feedwordpressWith the recent upgrade of the syndication plug-in FeedWordPress that I use on my syndication site the links on the articles were no longer linking back to the original website. A few people had noted this issue on the comments thread but no one provided any solutions. Because the website was linking back to itself I was not getting the SEO and cross linking advantage that was intended. In fact there was a possibility that I could be penalized because of duplicate content.

To fix the issue I deactivated and deleted the plug-in on my website and then re-uploaded the plug-in. This included the MagpieRSS-upgrade rss.php and rss-functions.php files that needed to be uploaded to the wp-includes folder as well. Once that was done I cleared the cache in my browser and re-activated the plug-in.

From there I did a test post and manually had the FeedWordPress plugin check for a new post from that site. The plugin found the post and when I checked the Permalink it linked back to the original website like it was supposed to. Unfortunately it did not update the previous posts.

To correct the rest of the posts I went into my syndicated site and deleted the posts that had the incorrect linking. From there I went in and had the plug-in update from all of the syndicated sites. It found all of the posts that I had deleted, added them, and properly linked them back to the original sites.

Problem fixed. Case closed 🙂 .