FeedWordPress Problems – It’s Got to Be Me, Not You

I have been using the plugin FeedWordPress for quite a while now to aggregate all of the feeds for all on my sites together into a single feed. From there I take that feed and then repost it back on each site. This way I get some cool cross-pollination between all on my sites.

You can see the aggregated site at network.idano.net.

A while back the links on this main feed started to link back to itself as opposed to the original site that the post came from. I figured out after a while that if I manually updated the network site that the links would be OK. While this was a work around it wasn’t very cool because it was completely manual.

A couple of days ago the developer of FeedWordPress came out with an update and I was optimistic that it would solve my problem.

Unfortunately it did not.

So here I am now trying to figure out why these links work correctly when I manually update but do not when they update themselves automatically.

One thing that I noticed is that when I update automatically several custom fields are created for the individual post. They are not for the automatic posts. These custom fields are:

  • syndication_feed
  • syndication_feed_id
  • syndication_item_hash
  • syndication_permalink
  • syndication_source
  • syndication_source_uri

In that list the syndication_permalink is the items that links directly to the original post on the original site.

In reading throw the documentation on the FeedWordPress site there is a built in filter that is supposed to change the_permalink() to the_syndication_permalink(). There are only two reasons why I can think that this is not happening.

  1. The meta data is not being collected for each post when done automatically so if the fields are empty then it just uses the default the_permalink().
  2. The theme is somehow causing issues. Again, the data looks like it is not being collected so that may not be the issues.

In the mean time I have switched to the default Kubrick theme to see if that makes a difference.