DiscountClick – Search Engine Optimization Services – Done Right

I have a post in my drafts that I have never completed called “Companies that do not Understand the Internet”. In that post I was to outline my experience with companies that do not understand what the internet is really used for.

What these companies do not understand is that advertising it starting to turn more towards the internet as opposed to TV and Radio. These companies will hire a “Web Designer” to create a cool looking web site for them and expect that people will just show up. What they do not realize is that a web site is a marketing tool and thus is a small part of a marketing campaign.

Web designers do not produce marketing campaigns – this is what search marketing companies do.

I try my hand at search marketing at a small scale but I am a “recovering web designer” that only saw the light about a year ago and is still learning.

One company that does appear to well established in search marketing is DiscountClick. I was forwarded DiscountClick’s information from an associate of mine to check out to see if I would use their services if I had the need.

The first thing that I did was check out what their claims were. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies out there that claim to get you to the #1 position in Google in  a matter of hours (I’m not kidding). DiscountClick is a little more realistic.

On their home page they claim that you could begin to see results within 2-4 WEEKS but most clients see results in 2-4 MONTHS. From what I know of Search Engine Optimization this claim is right on. The other guys that claim “hours” are talking about an Adwords account, DiscountClick is talking about real, natural, search engine results. These are the ones that you do not pay for every time someone clicks.

There is a big difference between designing a “pretty” web site and one that is going to be in the top search engine results. DiscountClick looks as though they understand that and can get you there, that is, if you are a company that understands the internet πŸ˜‰ .

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