Christian Family Blog – The Abundant Life

abundantlife.JPGI have setup my Christian Family Blog which is named The Abundant Life.

This blog is about me living my life as a Christian and trying to walk with God, be a good Husband and father to my family.

I have actually had this blog for some time but was not going to church so i really was not putting anything in it. My family situation has settled down lately so I have been posting more on it.

I usually do not mix my Christianity with my other blogs as I do not believe in shoving my beliefs in other people’s faces. The reason why I am posting here is that when I did a search for “Christian Family Blog” a non-Christian blog came up. Not cool in my opinion.

Therefore wielding the might sword of SEO I am attempting to steer people in the semi-right direction – to my blog.

Anyway, feel free to read if you want. I really am easy going in regards to church and what not so do not not be afraid to ask questions over there if their is something you disagree with. I am open to all discussions.

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