Changes are Coming to This Site

So as you may have noticed I really do not blog here very much. The main reason for that is that I am really not into Web Design that much any more. This mostly has to do with what I do for a living now. I still blog and am interested in SEO but not enough to have a blog on it anymore.

So, the changes that I am looking at doing is make the base website into a hub for all the rest of the sites that I have as subdomains of the domain name.

These sites are:

The way that I plan on doing this is to use the MU version of WordPress. That way I do need to keep all the separate installations that I have up-to-date.

I will probably keep a blog at this address but it probably will not be related to the Web Design, Blogging, and SEO themes. I really have no idea what it will be about but that is part of the fun. I will keep the posts that are on the site now since they are valuable to people and also help for this sites page rank.  

I am not quite sure when I will get around to it but I think it will pretty coll once it is done.