Caught in the Mud of Getting Organized

stuck-in-the-mud Ugh. I have slacked off on blogging around the network for so long now that things are in such disarray that I cannot simply sit down and blog when I get inspired. There are so many updates, re-orgs, and general maintenance that now I have to do 12 things in order just to do a single post done.

Today, I finally broke down and blogged here because the other post that I wanted to do about some new headphones I bought had to be put on hold. This was due to the fact that I didn’t have a blog to appropriately post to (normally I would do it here). Oh well, these are pains of growing I guess.

On a separate note I have decided that the layout of this site is going to change somewhat. The blog that resides here is actually going to become secondary to the aggregated posts from the network. So basically the latest post and a blurb from it will be the post that you see front and center and the latest post from this blog will be in the sidebar. The idea here is that I am trying to push the content from the other sites from here so they need the spot light. The perils of running this monstrosity are secondary to what is going on out there in the real world.

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